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Clear sunshiny summer day in Raahe Archipelago

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Raahe Archipelago

The Raahe archipelago, Finnish Outdoor Destination of the Year 2016, is a gem right in front of the town. The compact urban archipelago consists of around 50 small islands and islets. Take a short cruise, spend a lovely summer day on an island, learn about nature formed by post-glacial rebound on a nature trail, listen to audio guides to hear about the history of maritime transport and other stories, savour the peace of uninhabited islands and enjoy the lovely beaches. See the historical wooden lighthouses on islands of Iso-Kraaseli and Tasku built in 1853.

You can easily enjoy the archipelago. In the summer, there are daily cruises and Island Hopping trips. You can take part in guided kayaking trips on nearby waters or further to the open sea. We also offer skilled guidance and company for more experienced stand-up paddlers. For boaters, there are mooring points on the islands of Iso-Kraaseli, Kalla, Tasku and Ulkopauha.

In the winter, you can enjoy the frozen sea and its many outdoor opportunities. Thanks to the ice, you can get to the archipelago by walking, skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking or taking a sleigh ride.

A significant part of the archipelago of Raahe belongs to the Natura 2000 network due to its birdlife, vegetation and habitat types. With a total area of 2,240 hectares, the archipelago includes approx. 358.5 hectares of land and shallows and 1,881.5 hectares of water areas.

Information on the guest berths in the Raahe archipelago on Visit Raahe website Services for boaters.

Landing ban for protection during bird nesting season
To prevent disturbance of nesting birds, landing is prohibited on the key bird islets and islands. Landing ban on the following islands from 15 April to 15 July: Saapaskari, Kakkonen, Selkämatala, Kallanriutta, Rääpäkänriutta, Vesimatala, Isokivi, Kurikka, Kusiini, Kanttikivet. Landing ban on Rääpäkkä from 1 May to 20 July. Landing ban on Jyry from 1 May to 15 July.

Clear sunshiny summer day in Raahe Archipelago
Skiing tracks to Iso-Kraaseli Island in Raahe Archipelago
Tasku island and historical daymark in the summer - Raahe Archipelago
Camping on Tasku Island at Raahe Archipelago
Mounts of packed ice and Tasku Island daymark - Raahe Archipelago
Winter fatbiking on frozen sea at Raahe Archipelago
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