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Raahe region on the shores of the Bay of Bothnia wishes all boaters a warm welcome. Seafaring has been an integral part of life for those who live on shores for centuries. We have lived by waters, gained life from them, used them to travel the distance. On this page you will find services for boaters as well as the best tips for a restful vacation in the area of Raahe. Click the links below for information on ports and guest harbours for guests and their services, fuel distribution points and maintenance services. Here you will also find the best locations and harbours to visit in the archipelago of Raahe.

Scroll down to the end of the page in order to find tips and links for a vacation for the whole family in the immediate vicinity of the ports and the area of Raahe. Groceries and specialty stores can also be found nearby. Variety is the spice of life so be sure to also familiarize yourself with unique choices for accommodation on land. The area of Raahe offers experiences in nature as well as in partaking in culture. Up-to-date information on events can be found at Visit Raahe on Facebook.

Guest Harbour Teräsatama - Raahe
Guest Berths at Museonranta - Raahe
Varessäikkä Beach and Small-craft Harbour - Siikajoki
Iso-Kraaseli Island Guest Berth and histoical Daymark - Raahe archipelago
Kalla Island and Guest Berth - Raahe archipelago
Tauvo Beach and Small-craft Harbour - Siikajoki
Tasku Island Guest Berth and Historical Daymark - Raahe archipelago 
Guest Berths at Thompson - Raahe


The distances are short – but you can go on further

The distances are short and a trip to most of the points of interest, museums, stores, restaurants, exhibits, summer theaters and the Old Town of Raahe will go pleasantly on foot. Should you wish to try out a faster mode of transport then give a call to the bike rental and the bike will be delivered straight to you, even if it is all the way to the pier. If you wish to see the sights even further then get in contact with car rental operators.

Wonderful locations and vacations experiences for the whole family – including ship dogs

On Visit Raahe website you will find pleasant places to visit in the areas of Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki, with a guarantee to have things to do for days on end. The area is a wonderful mix of bubbling city culture and idyllic countryside, seaside and inland peace. Taking a short walk from the ports of Raahe you will find a pearl of history: The Old Town of Raahe, a city of made of wood with its parks and squares, its houses and its stories. These stories will be told to you on thematic learning experiences along the tour guides of Raahe. The history and stories of life on the shores and the lives of those who habited Raahe in the past can also be heard by downloading the Glopas audiobook service on your smart device. Pay a visit to he boutiques, enjoy a cup of coffee or a hearty meal at Langin Kauppahuone or the Willakatrina hostel, refresh yourself and enjoy live music at the terrace of Ruiskuhuone coffee shop, take a shopping trip to the stores in the city center and experience the nightlife.

The Sculpture Park of Kari Juva in the old park by the town hall is refreshing in its uniqueness. The gallery Myötatuuli in Raahe’s Tapahtumatalo is open through the whole of summer.

Children are sure to enjoy the Children’s Traffic Park as well as numerous playgrounds. A dip in inside pools, the warmth of sauna, bowling and brusque exercise can be enjoyed at the swimming hall of Kuntokeidas Vesipekka. The beaches closest to ports can be found in Pikkulahti and Kylmäniemi. A beach can also be found near the guest ports of Varresäikkä in the area of Siikajoki, and in-between Raahe and Siikajoki one can find Tauvo and its legendarily pleasant beaches.

The furry members of the family are also warmly welcome. Information on parks and spots for swimming as well as tips on dog friendly accommodations, restaurants and points of interest can be found in article for dog friendly area of Raahe.

The nature of archipelago offers a variety of opportunities for visitors

Trade the helm for an oar for a moment and try your hand at roving or Stand Up Paddling. Rent the equipment and a competent and knowledgeable guide should you be interested in learning the sport and best routes. The archipelago can also be made familiar through regularly arranged cruises. The cruises and transportations in the archipelago begin in June and the season lasts long into the autumn. Our unique and pristine nature in the archipelago is important to us, so make sure not to litter while visiting. While travelling in the archipelago it is also important to consider any regulations regarding landing on shore during nesting season.

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More tips can be found here on Visit Raahe pages, Instagram and Facebook. Should you need more information then sand a message through Facebook or email to (matkailu[at]raahe[dot]fi).