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Terässatama Guest Harbour

Operated by Raahe Sailing Society, the boat harbour in Raahe serves as the guest harbour, with 20 guest berths. During the sailing season, enquiries from the Port Guard on +358 50 3700 700. Guest boat fee €20/day, sauna €5/person.
acilities at the guest harbour: toilet, shower, drinking water, electricity, laundry facilities, barbecue facilities, sauna, port office, internet: wlan, fuel distribution: card 24/7, petrol 98E and diesel, septic tank emptying, waste management and sorting, harbour crane (5t), lift ramp.

The guest harbour is located on the island of Ulkofantti risen from the sea due to the post glacial rebound. You can see the town of Raahe from the port, via road the distance to the centre of town is some 2 km.

Address: Ulkofantintie 123, 92100 Raahe
Location: 64°41′06' ' N, 24°27′35´´E Flag mast
Port number: 1868
A 2.5-metre fairway leads to the harbour.

Raahen Purjehdusseuran Terässatama
Ulkofantintie 123
92100 Raahe

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