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Anna's Day Celebration in Old Raahe

In the old days people of Old Raahe celebrated Anna's Day (9th of December) as a starting point for waiting Christmas. Young people of the town got up early and dressed up so that they wouldn't be recognised by fellow townsmen and women. Then this caboodle of people marched under local Anna's windows ja made an awfully loud noise. Some Annas were thrilled, others not so much. Anna's Day Celebration was banned in 1910s, perhaps because it got a bit too wild.

Nowadays Anna's Day is celebrated a bit more peacefully. We still dress up and make noise in Old Raahe, but we continue celebration with fair, concerts, exhibitions and all sorts of events. Main location for the celebration is in Raahe Event House but you can also find things to see in Raahe's museums, library, Praati and the gallery of Pertti Vuori. We also invite everybody to participate so that we can light up Pekkatori Square and Raahe Church Hill with candles. You are very welcome along!

Kuvassa talvinen Pekka-patsas
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