Paavola church with white wooden walls.

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Paavola Church

Paavola Church was built in just 66 days! It was inaugurated in 1756 and named after Princess Sofia of Sweden. The work was led by famous church builder Matti Honka from Kokkola. The new church was most likely built at the location of the old Pehkola Church, which was completed in 1691, or at least very close to it. The old church was robbed during the Russian occupation of the Great Northern War (1714–1721). Paavola Church is cross-shaped with bevels at all ends. The roof and the wide wooden arches in the ceiling are of the same shape. The church is white in colour and was renovated in 1856, 100 years after its completion. At this time, it was also necessary to renovate the roof, which had been repaired only five years earlier. A major renovation was conducted once again between 1955–58. In this context, an electrical system was also installed in the church. The belfry, which follows the Ostrobothnian Renaissance style, was completed in 1759.

Paavola is one of the villages in Siikajoki municipality. The municipal centre is in Ruukki while the other villages include Revonlahti, Siikajoenkylä, Karinkanta, Tauvo, Tuomioja, Saarikoski and Luohua.
Siikajoki has nearly 120 kilometres of riverside and 60 kilometres of sea coast by the Botnian Bay.

Paavola church with white wooden walls.
Altar of the Paavola Church
Pipe Organ of the Paavola Church
Pulpit of the Paavola Church
Siikajoki Municipality
Paavolantie 15
92430 Siikajoki

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