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The Raahe region is in an excellent location, which makes it easy to access by a variety of means. We have quick global flights, environmentally friendly trains and the main road of the western coast, National Road 8, for car travel. The hub of the area, Raahe, is situated some 75 km south of Oulu, 120 km north of Kokkola and 200 km west of Kajaani. 

Boy on a boat in Raahe

Getting here

By airplane   

Finland’s second-busiest airport in Oulu is located only some 70 km north of Raahe. The ride from the airport takes about 50 minutes to Siikajoki, 60 minutes to Raahe and 80 minutes to Pyhäjoki.

Connection from and to Oulu Airport

Airport Taxi: You can conveniently reach Raahe, Siikajoki Revonlahti, and Pyhäjoki from Oulu Airport by taxi. In the downtown area of Raahe, the minibus picks up passengers from hotels, workplaces, or even from their doorstep at no extra charge. Otherwise, you can get on board not only from pickup points but also from bus stops along the route and in the immediate vicinity of Highway 8.

Book a ride with the taxi service: To use the taxi service operating to the airport, you need to register in advance by 8:00 PM the previous evening by calling 0100 3020. The number serves you 24/7. You can find schedules and fares on the Raahe taxi's website.

Tip: You can also rent a car from Oulu Airport for your visit

By train   

The train is a fast and environmentally friendly way of accessing the area. The Raahe railway station is located in Vihanti, some 36 km from the centre of the town. Siikajoki station is located in Ruukki. 

Connection from Vihanti train station

Connection by Bus: From Vihanti station, you can reach downtown Raahe with scheduled bus services every day of the week. You can find the route using Matkahuolto's schedule search.

Tip: Alternatively, you may consider traveling by train to Oulu or Kokkola and continuing your journey by bus to the Raahe region. You can find schedules on Matkahuolto's website as well.

Connection by DRT Taxi Service: From Vihanti station, there is a Demand Responsive Transportation (DTRT) taxi connection available to downtown Raahe every day of the week. When going to the Vihanti station in the Raahe area, the taxi departs from the taxi station at Fellmanin Puistokatu 19, 920100 Raahe. You can also get on board from Raahe bus station and bus stops along the route. Agree on the pickup location with the driver when booking your ride.

DRT Taxi Schedule (November 1, 2021 – October 31, 2024):
Mon-Sun Raahe-Vihanti at 9:00 PM (southbound train IC 266 at 9:52 PM) 
Mon-Sun Vihanti-Raahe at 9:35 PM (northbound train IC 51 arrives at 9:28 PM)

Book a ride with the DRT Taxi Service: To book a ride with the taxi service, please call Raahen Taksi at 0100 3020 at least two hours before the taxi departure time. The fare for the ride is €13.00 from Raahe to Vihanti. Check for any schedule changes on Raahen Taksi's website. At other times, the taxi operates normally by request.

By bus  

The long-distance coaches from north, south and east operate from and to the the Raahe bus station. The bus station and Taxi station are located at the centre of the town.

Long-distance bus lines with Matkahuolto
Long-distance bus lines with Onnibus. Onnibus stops along Highway 8 at Revonlahti (Siikajoki), Raahe Bus Station, as well as the Jokelanperä express stop between the junctions of Siikajoentie and Jokelantie.

On boat

On the Services for boaters page, you can explore harbors, services, and vacation tips. Visiting boaters in Raahe are served by the Terässatama Guest harbour hosted by the Raahe Sailing Club. For short visits, boats can be moored free of charge at the guest berths by the Packhouse museum (Museonranta)  as well as at docks and buoys on Iso-Kraaseli, Tasku, and Kalla islands. Siikajoki municipality maintains the Merikylä, Tauvo, and Varessäikkä small boat harbors and their services..


Getting around

In central Raahe, all services are conveniently within walking distance, which is one of the perks of a small town. Whether you wish to travel within the town, in the archipelago or more broadly in the area, on foot, bike, boat and car, travel options are available – and you can always ask the friendly locals for advice if you get lost.

By bicycle  

Most accommodation providers also lend bicycles for the duration of your stay. You can also rent bikes for street and off-road riding from activity services providers and bicycle shops.

On board public transport and with accessibility in mind  

Public transport in Raahe is available in the form of local buses and chartered vehicles. 

The operation and booking of DRT bus and Service Transport

The Demand Responsive Transportation bus (DRT) or Kutsubussi in Finnish transports you from stop to stop in the downtown area of Raahe on weekdays from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The service is available to passengers of all ages and needs. The route of the DRT bus is not fixed but is based on the needs of passengers: the bus picks up and transports passengers from one chosen bus stop to another.

Book a ride with DRT bus (Kutsubussi): The ride can be ordered by calling +358 44 740 4648.

Service taxis (Palveluliikenteen taksi) operates on weekdays from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM is designed specifically to meet the needs of the elderly and people with mobility impairments, but the service is open to everyone. The service taxi drivers take passengers from door to door and assist as needed. The fare for service taxi trips is based on the bus ticket price. Accepted payment methods include cash, card, and mobile ticket.

Book a ride with service taxis: Kyyti-Pekka at +358 40 130 3813 and Kyyti-Fiia at +358 40 138 3814.

By taxi  

Taxi services are now more accessible, flexible, and faster than ever. Download the free Taksini mobile app to your smart device. It's a quick way to order a Otaxi car across the entire Northern Ostrobothnia region, or call +358 100 3020 

By rental car   

Enjoy care free travel on a rental car. Choose a suitable option for your crew be it a town car or a minibus  Hertz RaaheOuluntien Autohuolto Oy Shell.

On the water   

Cruise boats sail to the Raahe archipelago on a daily basis in the summertime. You can also make arrangements for travel by boat to other locations with the service provider. Kayaks, canoes and SUP boards are available for rent from activity services providers. Chek out the Infopage for boaters when your are travelling on your own boat.