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Viewing tower at Varessäikka Siikajoki

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Varessäikkä Beach and Small-craft Harbour

The natural sandy beaches of Varessäikkä make an ideal place to spend a summer day or to observe the changing expressions of the sea in different seasons and times of day. The shallow waters and gently sloping beaches are also excellent for young children. A small point pushing out into the Bay of Bothnia holds a little observation tower resembling a lighthouse, which makes an great place for bird-watching, for example. The water quality at the beach is regularly monitored.

Boat berth reservation
You can reserve berths in the harbours from the Municipality of Siikajoki, tel. +358 40 3156 233. Seasonal berths are distributed in spring at the beginning of the boating season.

Caravan parking spaces
In the area you can find BestPark caravan park.

Coordinates: 64°53.4’ P, 24°48.5’ I
Harbour number: 1888
Nautical chart: G843, 56
Services: Two locked docks, guest dock (not marked), loading dock and boat ramp. Barbecue hut, water, toilet, beach.
Special features: A fun observation tower offers a view over the long shore.

Varessäikkä fishing harbour is maintained by the Municipality of Siikajoki.

View from the tower at Varessäikkä Siikajoki
Aerial view of Varessäikkä beach Island of Hailuoto just 6 kilometers away on the background
Viewing tower at Varessäikka Siikajoki
Kiosk in Varessäikkä Beach
Varessäikkä – merellinen rantalomakohde
Varattava asuntovaunu ulkoapäin
Varattava asuntovaunu sisältä
Gilling hut by the Varessäikkä Beach in Siikajoki
Siikajoki Municipality
Varessäikäntie 162
92330 Siikajoki