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Matti Lepistö's sculptures

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Matti Lepistö Sculpture Park

The sculpture park of Raahe-based self-educated artist Matti Lepistö (1948-2020) is a truly unique place to visit. The prolific artist Matti Lepistö, who worked with several different techniques, became known especially for his concrete sculptures. Over the years, they have become a private sculpture park with almost 300 sculptures in his backyard in Pattijoki. In addition to sculptural art, Matti painted, drew, wrote, photographed and made stained glass.

In the exhibition you can get acquainted with the artist's sculptures. The park features animal and human sculptures as well as mythology and surreal art. Some of the sculptures are works that critically examine the conquests of religion, while the animal figures and the Kalevala themed pieces are in perfect harmony among the themes and depictions of the countryside that symbolize the birth of life. For Matti Lepistö, making art was a way of life and a vocation. Matti hoped as many people as possible to experience his art and also encouraged others to try concrete processing to create art.

Matti Lepistö's legacy wants to respect the artist's wish and memory by keeping the sculpture park open to the public. You can come to the sculpture park to spend a summer day, even on a picnic.

The entrance fee to the sculpture park is 5 € / person and 10 € / family. The entrance fee can be paid in cash or with MobilePay. The MobilePay number is 046 657 4089. The entrance fee covers the maintenance costs of the sculpture park.

Matti Lepistö's sculpture Birdman
Matti Lepistö's sculpture Family
Matti Lepistö's sculptures
Matti Lepistö's sculptures
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