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Tuesday Market in Pyhäjoki

The "Tuesday Market" is a meeting place for local residents, summer visitors, and tourists. Welcome to join this relaxed, feel-good event.

The yard of the Pyhäjoki municipal hall transforms into a market every Tuesday during the summer. The Tuesday markets start at 5:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM. The first Tuesday market will be held on May 21st, and the last on August 27th.

The municipality sets up 6 sales stalls and 4 tents in the market, and the market is free for both sellers and visitors. Sellers can also bring their own furniture to designated spots. Besides the municipality, organizations and associations participate in the event, bringing their own themes.

Tuesday markets are held every Tuesday evening. Markets may also be canceled if interest among sellers and presenters is low on some days. Pyhäjoki municipality will announce in advance the confirmation and program of the Tuesday market on their website at www.pyhajoki.fi.

Reservations for sales spots and registrations can be made at info@pyhajoki.fi or by calling 040 359 6000.

Tiistaitorit Pyhäjoella
Väki kokoontuu Tiistaitorille Pyhäjoella
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Myyjiä Pyhäjoen Tiistaitorilla
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Pyhäjoki Municipality
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