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Depression Comedy

Raahe Theater lights up the holiday season with a Depression Comedy

The director of the steel factory, Eeva Ahonen, collapses. She is sent to a mental health rehabilitation center, where Eeva encounters a colorful group of rehabilitation clients and staff. Eeva's attitudes and fantasies collide with realism in a hilarious, funny, and touching way. And what happens next: Eeva rolls up her sleeves and decides to turn the rehabilitation center into a profitable business and initiates a daring project that requires efficiency measures.

At the same time, Eeva's colleague tries to woo her back into continuing her promising career. Eeva's son, Mika, faces his own challenges on his path, and he helps Eeva see things from a new perspective. Eeva's recovery hangs in the balance, and a long journey towards change begins.

Depression Comedy is a humane play about the competitive society, the price of performance and success, and the possibility of a fresh start. The colorful group of rehabilitation clients at the center shakes up attitudes in a refreshing way, creating a cheerful and funny comedy through the perspective of Eeva, representing the outside world.

The play laughs at our attitudes and stereotypes and touches on the struggles of the achievement-oriented generation, pushing their health to the limit.

The play is directed by Marko Pohjanrinne from Kempele.

Kuva Raahen Teatterin sisäänkäynnistä
Raahen Teatteri
Koulukatu 13
92100 Raahe

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