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December 9th Old Town Raahe Advent Calendar

Brahenkatu street 17, Patala, Raahe-opisto, the window on the Reiponkatu street side
old town raahe advent calendar

In Finland, people’s colleges, or työveänopisto, were already established in the late 19th century. The idea to establish such non-formal adult educational institute in Raahe emerged 47 years later. What a void it would create if the institute didn't open its doors every autumn! 


Teachers’ Seminar lecturer Lyyli Miettinen (1888-1973) invited those interested to the town hall on February 4, 1946. The attendees formed a committee that presented a proposal to the city council for the establishment of a municipal institute. The proposal was rejected. 


Subsequently, a general meeting was called at the public school building (now known as Keskuskoulu – Central School) on February 14, 1946. The meeting decided to establish a supporting association, for which the meeting provisionally approved the bylaws. The supporting association then initiated the adult education activities. 


"What if the institute hadn't been established, what if the institute didn't open its doors one autumn. What a cultural gap and void would have emerged in our city!" Meeri Larsson wrote in the foreword of the 50th-anniversary history book of Raahe people’s college in March 1996. 


Meeri Larsson's (1930-2023) long career at Raahe people’s college, now known as Raahe-opisto, began gradually: initially, she worked as a part-time teacher and then as a permanent teacher. 


In her later years, Meeri lived on the corner of Pekkatori in a building known as Kiesvaara House. 


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Annanpäivä in Raahe

"Annanpäivä was already foretelling the arrival of Christmas for the old residents of Raahe. It was a wintry night, nearly at its longest, and there were only about a couple of weeks left until the grand Christmas, amidst almost constant darkness. The dimness lingered on the quiet streets even at midday, and there was already a sense of Christmas in the air. To the old Raahe locals, it seemed as if Christmas itself was already on the doorstep, at least sneaking along the streets."

Raahen Matkailuoppaat ry: Annanpäivän viettoa vanhassa Raahessa


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