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The sea off the shore of the Raahe region freezes over each winter. Skiing trails are opened on the ice as soon as the ice conditions allow it. You can download the ice skiing map online (only in Finnish). Remember that moving on the sea is always at your own risk. Smart ice activities require warm clothing, ice awls and an alert mind.

The archipelago, for example the island of Tasku, is a popular destination in both summer and winter. Tasku is approximately five kilometres from the shore. A day hut serves hikers as a stopping place. Check the ski map for realtime infomation on the maintenance of the skiing trails o ice and on the mainland.  

Hit the ice with a fatbike, snowshoes or a kicksled

Besides skiing, popular ice activities include riding a kicksled and mountain biking. A selection of rental equipment including fatbikes, snowshoes and kicksleds as well as bikes is available from Lappis. The multipurpose routes allow you to explore both the archipelago and a few nature trails. 

Instructions for users of multipurpose routes

  • Good manners are part of outdoor activities; outdoor activities are for everyone.
  • Take account of other users of the routes.
  • A faster mover gives way to a slower one.
  • A person coming from behind gives way to the one in front.
  • A bicyclist gives way to a skier.
  • You must adapt your own speed to the conditions of nature.

Tips for safe ice activities

The ice conditions on the Baltic Sea can be followed on the Finnish Meteorological Institute website.

  • Stay in areas where there are other people.
  • Do not try new routes, at least not by yourself.
  • Test the strength of the ice, for example, with an ice fishing chisel.
  • A ski pole is not suitable for this purpose because it is too light.
  • Stay away from shallows, straits, bridges, shipping channels and mouths of rivers and streams.
  • Carry ice awls around your neck for pulling yourself out of the ice hole.
  • Put your mobile phone in a zipper bag so you can call for help if you get wet.
  • For more information about smart ice activities, see the Järki jäällä guide on ice activities (in Finnish).

Take a snowmobile sleigh ride

You can also explore the wintry archipelago on a sleigh. There are different routes for sleigh rides.

Cross-country skiing

There is a large network of skiing trails in the region, providing joy for skiers of all ages and skill levels. The skiing trails start from near the centre of Raahe.