Joining Visit Raahe

The new Visit Raahe website offers everything you need to know about travel opportunities in Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki. Together we offer potential visitors informative and illustrative high-quality content and, most of all, many good reasons to travel to the Raahe region. 

Travel service provider – ensure your visibility on the Visit Raahe website

What are travel service providers and travel services/products? The travel industry consists of a colourful bunch of companies, associations and fields. Alongside traditional accommodation, restaurant and activity services it includes retailtransport, culture and media content productsdesignsports and recreationhealth and wellness as well as food production, for example.

How to get on the Visit Raahe website

Please contact us should you wish to join Visit Raahe with your product or service. Find contact info at the bottom of this page.

How to describe a travel product or service

Consider your customer, the tourist. What need does YOUR product fill? What problem does it solve? What is special and different about YOUR product selection from the perspective of the tourist specifically? People visiting from other locations in the area or elsewhere in Finland are also regarded as tourists in this context.

Describe your offering using words that you image will spark the interest of tourists (or anyone) and steer them towards your services or products. Does your selection feature clothes and equipment for camping in the archipelago or the local nature, or maybe wonderful swimwear and beach toys for the kids? Does your shoe shop have an excellent range of leather footwear or clothing that could serve as the focus of the description? Do you take the best professional travel photos, or perhaps provide care for hair tussled by the salty sea breeze or nice hats to protect it? Does your shop stock wonderful souvenirs, do you rent cars or bikes to tourists, or provide tasty meals or accommodation? It is also useful to put yourself in the position of a tourist and consider what kinds of descriptions would draw your attention.

Pictures to pique interest

Add great photos of your location as attachments to the form too.  Some tips for taking and selecting the right kinds of photos are provided below.
The file name must be descriptive of the photo. Include optimisable key words in the name and separate them with hyphens (no spaces). Write everything in lower case and do not use Scandinavian letters. 

Through photos, we can describe the Raahe region in a way that feels genuine and true to local residents too.  We can tell the stories of real people. The photos should show people belonging to the target groups doing real things (target groups in the Raahe region: nature travellers, business travellers, culture and event travellers, day visitors, etc.). 
The photos should focus on fresh, natural, believable and topical elements. 

  • Do not use black-and-white or excessively processed images. Try and utilise natural light. Do not take the people in the photos to unusual environments or twist the truth. Strive for a natural look in terms of clothing.
  • Environmental focus: does the environment have a key role in the photo?
  • Snapshots of activities: does the photo clearly present a transitory moment?
  • Lifestyle: does the photo represent the lifestyle of the local residents or the target group?
  • Story: could the photo itself tell a story?
  • Authenticity: do the elements of the photo seem true to life? 
  • Do the people look like actors or real people?
  • Visual impact of the photo: does the photo contain something exceptional that draws the viewer’s attention?
  • Technical quality: is the quality of the image sufficiently high?

Free-of-charge visibility on the Visit Raahe website

A massive project called Veden äärellä (By the Water) is under way in the Raahe region to develop tourism and travel in the area. The project will also define travel marketing and the organisation of relevant developments, among other things. At this stage, visibility on the Visit Raahe website is free but, in the future, an annual fee, for example, may be implemented to cover the costs. 

Announcing events 

Add your event in the Kaleva events calendar. Kaleva newspaper's event calendar is embedded directly into the Visit Raahe site. It shows any events announced in the context of the publication of new pages.

The Visit Raahe logo and its use

Travel service providers operating in the Raahe region and in Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki may use the Visit Raahe logo in their own materials. Versions of the logo can be found in the regional image bank. 

  • The logo is the property of Visit Raahe.
  • The visual appearance of the logo (the text, colours, proportions, etc.) may not be changed in any way, nor may other elements be added to it.
  • All versions distributed by Visit Raahe may be used with due consideration to the background colour and other aspects.

More information 

Send any questions about the website update to terhi.etelainen [at]
More information on the Veden äärellä project is available on the project’s Facebook page.